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Dialogue on Women Security & Society 2018

Today even after years of independence, the mindset of the society has not changed. Women are still viewed differently e.g. not as employees but female employees, not as contributors to development process but part of ameliorative measures, not as independent human beings but as dependent and sub serviette. Therefore, following changes in education system and other spheres are recommended.


1. Education be made compulsory and schools to be made co-education schools. No exclusive schools for girls.
2. At workplaces periodic review of the work culture so as to bring to the fore cases of dissemination based on gender. Display of what leads to discrimination be made mandatory at all work places.
3. In rural areas awareness campaigns be taken up so that aspirations of the parents and girls are raised and they try to achieve without apprehensions and fear.
4. All mothers to be made aware of sensitizing their male children about female siblings and generating respect within the family. Seminars to this affect can be held.
5. Women working in unorganized sector to be provided all perks and facilities as in organized sector. Women do provide the foundation for the global economy. This fact needs to be highlighted more in the media, with the private sector, and in communities. We need a concerted campaign for equal pay for equal work.
6. Supporting women in non-traditional jobs such as driving, hospitality, mobile phone fixing, motorcycle fixing etc is crucial, in not only making long-lasting changes in their lives, but also help break social taboos. A proper regulation to be proposed for the same.
7. Make self-defense training for girls mandatory and free all over the country.
8. Women studies as a subject or even a chapter should be introduced in the curriculum of school children at the high school level.
9. Self-help groups should be created by women in schools and colleges to help each other in case of violence.
10. For change of mindset of the society periodic events, seminars discussion should be held where such case studies should be discussed.