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It’s a difficult time when the entire world is going through different socio- political situations of contradictions, conflicts, tension & violence at different levels. Somewhere it’s between two nations or two castes, races, communities, or even religions. The unconditional support to religion based violence & terrorism has evolved as major challenge globally.
The religion was meant to enrich human civilization, create harmony with nature and protect the humanity. But it’s truly painful to see that the same religion is being exploited mindlessly across the globe to settle personal accounts, political & social agendas and inhuman vested interests in between two communities, two races or nations. Unfortunately, religion is evolving as a major foundation for the tragic downfall of the humanity. It has been exploited rigorously since many centuries in different parts of the world to attain power and expand the empires. The rigorous efforts are being made to derail the societies from real thought and meaning of humanity since hundreds of years.
Amid all such challenging scenarios across the globe it’s only India and its ‘Sanatan Dharma’ culture that embraced everyone from all the corners of the world without any discrimination based on their religion, caste, race or geography and kept alive the very soul of inclusive cultural values intact in the Indian society. When the entire world is heading against the real thought, objective and meaning of religion, it has again become very important to share the real core values of ‘Sanatan Dharma’ with all the societies in the world for the welfare of humanity.
It’s been over the 125 years now when a young saint Swami Vivekananda from India had expressed the same values of ‘Sanatan Dharma’ & Philosophy of Hindutva in charismatic words in Chicago (America) in front of the entire world. The entire world not only understood the vast Philosophy of Hindutva & ‘Sanatan Dharma’ that day through Swami Vivekanand, rather accepted its importance as well with open hearts & minds. At a time it strongly feels like to create a much needed dialogue on religion in the context of current global scenario when religion is in the core of all kind of contradictions, conflicts, tensions and violence and emerging as severe threat to humanity. It was Swami Vivekananda who told the entire world that how ‘Hindutva’ is the route of consciousness from individuality to totality. He proved in front of global religious leaders how India sees the only element in everyone and everyone in the same element. This is the reason why whosoever came to India, they felt really difficult to detach themselves from it forever.
The spiritual consciousness of India has in-built capacity to fix the contradictions, conflicts and controversies naturally. That automatically creates a much needed inclusive role for India to play in the context of contemporary situations across the globe. Swami Vivekananda had already proved that only India has the capability to lead the world on the way to spiritual consciousness. Realizing the same we at Dialogue Initiative Foundation are creating a platform to discuss the contemporary global challenges in the light of religion. It is called ‘Global Religious Dialogue’. It will bring all kind of scholars on a single platform from across the globe to start a discourse on religion and spirituality including well known Religious-Spiritual leaders from different faith/ sects, top Philosophers and leading academicians. It is much needed a revision of Vivekananda’s Chicago Speech on national-international levels in different languages and then lead to different agendas around global peace, welfare and humanity. This great initiative is aimed to create a much needed dialogue around religion and spirituality as a natural tool to deal with contemporary challenges that the entire world is going through.