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Parliamentary Dialogue And Democracy

Democracy is defined as a governance of the people, by the people and for the people. Democracy is considered the finest form of governance in which every individual participates consciously and in which the people are the power. So, in democracy the people are the ultimate source of power and its success and failure depends on their wisdom, consciousness and vigilance. Also public opinion is the essence of democracy, therefore government ensures good opportunity for the overall growth and well-being of its citizens. One of the salient features of democracy is that there are ample of opportunities for dialogue to express your views. Right from village panchayat to parliament , dialogue plays a vital role in settling all the important issues. According to Philosophers dialogue is one of the most precious asset of our society. Dialogue discovers the truth and establishes a good relation along with building a trust among the people. It also unites the people of the nation. Dialogue is not for intellectual enjoyment but it is an effective response to the development of society , because on the one hand, it allows people to share their idea and opinions, on the other; it gives an opportunity to participate in the process of finding common ground and establishing priorities for action. Dialogue is a very positive process as it removes all kinds of barriers in the exchange of ideas. One can only attain the goal of human welfare when communication converts into dialogue which is free of hindrances. It is just useless to communicate with someone if he is not in the condition to perceive the words in the conversation. Therefore for the accomplishment of the social and political works, dialogue is very important.
Dialogue is the best way to resolve problems. It is the only way to reach decisions that are acceptable to everybody. Dialogue is the primary means of avoiding, or resolving, conflict. What separates democracy from other political philosophies is the principle and practice of solving differences first and foremost through dialogue.
Parliament is a forum where a plurality of views needs to be heard. Plurality of views means inclusion of all the voices in the political debate: men-women, young-old, rich-poor, minorities and indigenous peoples. So there is a need for dialogue to connect with each and every citizen of society. Dialogue makes the democracy strong and helps it function well. It becomes easier for the citizens to express their views to their representatives in parliament through dialogue. This instance is quiet visible during parliament session where the elected represntatives arise the questions in the parliament and the dialogue takes place. And when the dialogue starts loosing its hold, the democratic situation of the nation starts weakening and then the people strive for changes.
Understanding the importance of dialogue in our democracy, Dialogue Initiative Foundation is doing continuous effort. Our Founder trustee has completed a marvelous research work on “Parliamentary Dialogue & Democracy”. It is published in Book format by famous Hindi publisher Vaani Prakashan. We wish to initiate dialogue among representatives of parliament along with representatives from state assemblies who should share their views on different aspects of parliamentary dialogue. We also wish to engage representatives from ideal democratic nations of the world as this will enhance the dialogue across the world. Different scholars, researchers, intellectuals will have an opportunity to set up a dialogue directly with the representatives. It would help to understand the importance of Parliamentary dialogue in a better way.